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"Before treatment with Internal Alchemy, I wore oversized clothes, hiding the love handles and lack of a waistline I always carried around, because good enough was my standard. I lived life this way for too long. I was always in between sizes and knew only a little bit of work and discipline would get me the confidence I wanted from my body, by simply feeling comfortable in my clothes. I just could never find the drive or the discipline. Basically after a hip injury when I was wakeboarding and out of shape, I gave myself IBS by taking way too much ibuprofen in one year. From there I became lactose intolerant and just dealt with stomach issues constantly, and guarded my right hip. My goal using the help of Emily and Laura was to clean my gut and hopefully rid myself of excess pain due to inflammation from the wrong diet, and injury combined. The beauty of working with both practitioners was that we could accomplish a healthy gut, as well as rehabilitate that right hip injury and keep down return inflammation. Boy did we uncover some literal and figurative layers of trauma and find the source of my pain, undiscovered in my pelvic floor for over a decade. Since my 20s I’ve been in and out of unsatisfying relationships with unavailable men. Gaining control of my diet also taught me to gain control over other poor choices and decisions I was repeating in life.

A wonderful benefit that came along with a healthy gut was my 20 pound weight loss from September to December. Wow! What a difference the two of them have made in my life by teaching me how to say no to myself. Trying to accomplish one month clean eating, I cheated twice with fast food french fries, Emily taught me if I couldn’t say no to myself how could I say no to outside sources. Laura taught me to have integrity and unconditional love with myself. And that was just the tip of the iceberg working with this team. I will continue to take pointers from these two ladies every day for the rest of my life, because I believe in their sincerity, their knowledge and most definitely their skills for what works for each individual. My body is basically back to the way it was in high school, and I have the control, the tools and the motivation to maintain and build on a more fit physique I’ve always wanted. I’m no longer the victim to outsiders or to self and I owe much thanks to this pair. I could say a ton more but this is me trying to be brief, I am a long-winded woman. In my opinion more health practitioners need to get back to the basics of diet and physical fitness, and Internal Alchemy is right in line there. I hope that they touch many more lives in the way they did mine, and to even greater heights for those whose suffering can be measured as greater than mine. Their therapy plans truly worked wonders for me!"
- Mel

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